Understanding The Value Of Oil Analysis Testing

Jan 01

Oil Analysis Testing Helps Keep Machines Going Longer

Any business that depends on heavy machinery to manage their daily tasks also relies on things like oil analysis testing to actively monitor the condition of those machines. Across every large industry, from farming to manufacturing, there are numerous types of machines and equipment that cannot function without the oil required to lubricate its moving parts and keep things in motion. In order to ensure that those vital fluids stay at their optimal operating condition or to see what they can tell us about the interior conditions of the machine, they must be tested and analyzed on a regular basis.

The fluids located within each of these machines are generally required for normal operations, with many machines needing more than just a single type of fluid. In many machines, they are needed to properly lubricate and reduce the friction created by moving parts, which allows helps keep the machine at a safe working temperature. Some other types of fluids you might find offer more direct control over the machine’s actual operation, like the hydraulic fluid that is used in many pieces of heavy construction equipment to control their working parts, like a crane, bulldozer, or backhoe.

Anytime one of these vital fluids is filled with contaminants the machine’s functionality decreases, and the machine itself is left open to a variety of malfunctions that could result in some incredibly expensive repairs. It has been shown through much research that the majority of equipment failures are the result of none other than contaminated and poorly maintained fluids, so taking care of those fluids is the number one way to take care of the machines they are used in. Additional details can be found on eHow.

No matter how highly lubricated a machine’s inner parts are, they are guaranteed to deteriorate a certain amount over time. As the parts inside these machines are falling apart, the particles they create will go into the fluids where they will be found during an analysis. A maintenance crew can learn a lot about what is going wrong in a machine by analyzing the fluids and seeing what sort of contaminants are present and what materials they are made out of, which can then be matched with the parts that are wearing out.

Oil analysis testing provides us a terrific amount of information concerning the inner workings of our expensive equipment and what we have to do to keep them at their best. All a company has to do is send their samples in to be analyzed by a trusted lab and use the information they are given to keep their machines running strong for as long as possible. Help can be encountered if you click on continuous monitoring.